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What Makes Northside School a Great Experience? Staff and Student Highlights- Chaves/McComb

This month we highlight the work of Suzanne Chaves and Amy McComb's classrooms. This dynamic team promotes emotional social development through team building and academic rigor with real world learning. On of the most effective ways of integrating knowledge is by providing real world experiences for our young learners in outdoor settings. We are most grateful that this team tackled the fundraising and grit necessary to launch our learners! WE are grateful and so our the students. Special shout out to parent chaperones and scholarship donations. 

Staff and Student Spotlight- Team Orris and Petersen

Student and Staff Spotlight

Northside Family Movie Night!

Where do your DREAM dollars go?

College and Career Ready....Brought to You by Northside School

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District Non Discrimination Policy 



Team Chaves/McComb- Coloma Outdoor Discovery School- What Makes Our School Great!

Northside School Calendar

Northside Enrichment Days

This year our school will have many opportunities for student enrichment including: Northside Enrichment Days. There are 10 Northside Enrichment Days scheduled for this year.  For example on a NED Day your student will attend two classes with a guest expert in the Arts and in the afternoon attend a STEM or VAPA assembly such as Phil Tulga or the Auburn Symphony.

That is not the only way our students can participate in enrichment. We will have sign ups for afterschool enrichment in the Winter and Spring through our GATE program, before school Music Club and during school students receive enrichment through Northside Garden classes. All this and so much more thanks to our Dream Team PTA and you! 


At Northside students have multiple choices to enrich their learning:

  • Differentiated curriculum in the classroom, focusing on rigor and relevance using  Highly Effective Teaching and Guided Language Acquisition
  • Northside Garden Learning Program with Ms. Burke
  • Family Math and Literacy Nights ( Dr. Seuss and Playing with Pythagoras )
  • School Wide Harvest Meal
  • Dream Run
  • Open House Performance
  • Standards based science/social studies field trips up to three days in length.
  • Musical Instrument Introduction
  • G.A.T.E.
  • Northside Enrichment Days- N.E.D. 
  • Assemblies - Wild Things, Auburn Symphony, Phil Tulga and more! 

State Testing- End of Year Activities

Welcome back from Spring Break- April and May are devoted to culminations of learning. First, California State Testing is held on April 24th through May 4th for all 3rd-6th grade students. Next up is our annual Open House performances, Kinder Matriculation and our end of the year awards on the last day of school! So rest up, eat a good breakfast and get ready to rock the test!

Northside Parent Survey

Results are in! Stay Tuned!

We are a California Distinguished School-2014

Congratulations Northside School- 2013/14 Nominee

Immunization Questions?

Questions about student immunization law?


Extended Day- Before and Afterschool Care

Registration Information for EDCOE Before and Afterschool Care at Northside

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IOU Lunch Policy

2016-17 IOU Policy

IOU charge limits:

  • Grades K-6 reduced priced meals $.30 Breakfast $.40 Lunch
  • Grades K-6  full priced meals $1.50  Breakfast  $ 2.75 Lunch

Dollar limit is equal to 3 IOU’s for breakfast and 3 IOU’s for lunch. When a student has reached the dollar limit allowed, the parent will be responsible for providing meals until the account is paid.

Students will not be sent to the office to call home. No child will go without eating. Cafeteria managers will provide an alternate meal to those students who have money owed for lunch  or who do not have a lunch with them without an IOU being issued.

Possible Alternate Meals
Breakfast: Dry Cereal & Milk
Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwich & Milk