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About Us


The mission of Northside STEAM School is to enrich and engage our students through a rigorous project-based curriculum infused with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  Our new motto, “Educating the Whole Child," denotes our commitment to not only providing a rigorous and engaging curriculum, but our dedication to supporting the social-emotional well-being and growth of our students. We believe learning comes from making connections between ourselves, our community, and the world beyond. We believe citizens are created by practicing responsible stewardship of ourselves, our community and our world. We believe that to be a learning community means to believe that learners are more than the sum of all of their parts, they are a part of an interconnected system comprised of their environment, creating the whole child.

Motto - "Educating the Whole Child"

School Song

We are from Northside School

Located here in Cool.

Love it? You bet we do!

We’re telling you, you, you, you.

And in our memories, 

Dear to our hearts you’ll be,

Northside Bears will always be the best in the world, 


Mascot - "Rocky"